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Trout cup 2023 - 3rd Leg

Trout cup 2023 (3rd Leg)

The third and final leg of the Trout Cup was held yesterday evening on the Kells Blackwater. Once again returns were disappointing, hatches were sparse and the rise never really materialised on the night. Regardless of that we had a turnout of 14 anglers and it was an enjoyable evening. The result on the night was as follows:

  • 1st – Denis Goulding – 2 fish weighing 708g
  • 2nd – Dermot Marshal – 1 fish weighing 365g
  • 3rd – Greg Long – 1 fish weighing 283g

Overall winner of the Trout Cup 2023 is Greg Long with a combined weight over the 3 legs of 1,166g. Congratulations Greg.


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