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Noel Bennett Snr Trophy – Lough Mask

Last weekend we fished the twice weather delayed trip to Lough Mask. The weather has been brutal this year and last weekend was no different. Saturday was a mixed bag, there was little wind most of the day with some cloud at times but bright for the most part. There was little fly life with the exception of a decent Olive hatch in Cushlough Bay. Kieran and Declan remained in the bay all day and reaped the rewards. The main issue was the cold, it was quite chilly at times with the little wind we had coming from the north.

Most anglers struggled and only 3 fish were weighed in on the day although several anglers returned keepable fish as they felt they would not make the grade.

Results on the day were as follows:

  • 1st – Kieran Garvey with a fish of 1.50lb
  • 2nd – Declan Coyne with a fish of 1.20lb
  • 3rd – Paddy Purcell with a fish of 1.01lb

All in all it was an enjoyable weekend as always but the fishing for the most part was poor.


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