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March Fly of the Month

March Fly of the Month

This is the first post in our Fly of the Month series. We have decided to expand it to two flies per month, one for the loughs and one for the rivers.

The first fly is our river selection, the Greenwell Spider is a classic river wet fly that is still as useful today as when it was devised. It’s generally used as an emerger pattern during an Olive hatch. It can be fished dead drift, across and down or even greased up and fished in the surface film. We have included this fly as our selection for March but it is very useful fly throughout the season.

There are a number of variations of the fly but the fly pictured is the original tying.


Hook : 14 – 18

Body : Pearsalls silk thread in primrose (waxed with cobbler’s wax)

Rib : Gold wire

Hackle : Coch-y-bondhu or Furnace hen hackle


Our Lough choice was a more controversial selection, some of our committee don’t believe it counts as a “fly” at all! However, its success on the loughs in the early part of the season is undeniable. Fished as a bait-fish imitation along shorelines and shallows it has been the downfall of many a trophy trout. The “fly” can be tied in all sorts of variations, colour and size should be selected to match the bait-fish being imitated. We have had great success in recent years on Lough Sheelin with an olive coloured version with an orange tungsten bead head. The fly pictured above would be suitable to imitate a Roach fry.


Hook : 6 – 12

Tail : A few strands of holographic flash material of your choice

Tail/Wing : Strip of mink or rabbit (colour to suit)

Body : Holographic dubbing or fritz (silver or white)

Rib : Silver wire

Hackle : Fur from the Tail/Wing spun in a dubbing loop and tied in as a hackle.


We would love to hear your feedback and welcome your suggestions for next month.

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