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Lough Sheelin Monster

Kilbride Anglers Club

The committee would like to thank those members of the club who went above and beyond to rescue our boats recently. The member’s Whatsapp page has been a huge success and has really helped with these types of situations. In the past it has always fallen to the committee to scramble together to get these issues resolved. Now all members are aware of these events as they happen and can often respond quickly if they are nearby. It’s testament to the spirit of our club that everyone is willing to help and we want to foster this spirit and further engage our members.

With this in mind we are planning to introduce a new blog to the website under the news tab. Here we will be suggesting a fly of the month and perhaps discussing tactics that may prove successful for the time of year. We would also encourage members to give a brief report on their outings whether the fishing is good or bad. I’m sure we can all gain from this as it may inform where we should go what tactics we should employ. The member’s Whatsapp is the perfect forum for this as only club members will have visibility of these posts.

We would love to hear your feedback on whether or not you feel this would be of value.

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