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Club Boats Success

  • The committee would like to thank our members for making our new boat system a huge success. Over the past couple of years we have trialed a system of boat booking that involves a once off payment at the start of the year for unlimited* use of the club boat fleet. This replaces the old system which relied on having multiple contacts, organising keys and a €10 charge for every use of a boat. I’m sure everyone will agree that the yearly charge of €30 represents exceptional value.
  • This year we reached a new milestone – greater than 100 boat bookings in a calendar month. There were 104 boat bookings in the month of May 2023. Average boat hire cost across the country is €40 these days so this represents a saving of €4,160 for our members in a single month!
  • We encourage our members to continue to use the boats as often as possible.
  • Note – All boat bookings must be made in advance without exception. Please ensure the boats are left clean and tidy with no litter or discarded nylon (feel free to leave the winning fly) and please use the boats responsibly. Wear a life jacket and ensure the boats are moored correctly at the end of the day, boats should be pulled up well on the shore, a tyre should be placed under each side and the boat should be tied securely. If everyone works together to avoid damage to our boats or those moored nearby we can continue to invest in our fleet and enjoy this wonderful club asset into the future.
  • * Note – We do have a fair use policy to limit booking a boat to 2 consecutive days. This only comes into place if another person wishes to book a boat for the third day. Otherwise feel free to continue to use the boat as long as you like. However all bookings do need to me made through our club secretary in advance (number on your card).
  • Tight lines for the remainder of the season.


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