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April Fly of the Month

Apologies for the delay in getting this post up, I was moving house and couldn’t find the time I’m afraid.

Our first fly is our river selection is our selection for the River – The Hawthorn Fly or Bibio Marci. Unlike most flies of interest to anglers the Hawthorn Fly is a terrestrial fly that hatches from grassy areas in late April. It’s also known as St Marks Fly as it hatches around St Marks Day – 25th of April. It is an easily recognisable fly with a shiny black body and long trailing legs. They can hatch in large numbers and are often blown onto the water. This can create very exciting dry fly fishing and can bring up some large trout.

Our Lough selection is a buzzer. Most people would agree that the buzzer is a very important part of the trout’s diet and they can be fished at all stages of their life cycle from bloodworm to pupae to emerger and finally adult. Trout will take them all but the most reliable fishing is to the pupae. As they hang in the water close to motionless they make an easy target for cruising trout. Depth is key to buzzer fishing and the flies should be fished static if possible. The fly pictured is an emerger.

I would like to thank John Doyle for kindly stepping in to tie this month’s flies. Normal service will hopefully be resumed next month.

Tight lines.



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