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Another Year Over

Well that’s it for another season!

I think it’s fair to say this season was a mixed bag. The fishing in general was good till mid June, Buzzer fishing on Sheelin was amazing by all accounts and the Mayfly season was excellent. The Mayfly fishing seemed to last far longer this year than on previous years too. Then hot weather and drought conditions followed by a period of incessant rain and high water made trout angling challenging to say the least. Reports of good fishing were thin on the ground from mid June on, even stocked lakes like Lene and Owel were tough going. Personally I had a fair season, I caught a number of good trout early season and had excellent sport on the spent and on Mayfly nymphs especially, so much so I’m already filling my fly boxes in anticipation of what next year has to offer.

We still have the Pike Cup and Junior/Senior outing to a trout fishery to look forward to and I for one won’t be hanging up my boots for the Winter. As usual I have more fishing day’s planned than days available to fish. Our bucket list grows every year!

We’re still working on the website and we appreciate everyone’s patience but some elements of the member’s section are proving more challenging than anticipated. We hope to have this area of the website up and running soon.

We have a work party arranged for next Saturday 14th of October to bring in the boats. Meeting at Hamill’s Garage on the Mullingar Bypass @ 10am. All help appreciated.

Tight lines to all for the remainder of 2023.


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