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Kilbride Anglers Club About & History
About Us & History

Kilbride Anglers Club - 1940 The beginning

The best description of the foundation of Kilbride Anglers' Club was given by Padraig Breathnach in 1970 when at a club meeting, he described how he collected about him a few like-minded anglers and decided to form a club.

'The year was 1940...'

He explained that some local Blessington Anglers had approached the Downshire family to acquire the fishing rights of the River Liffey between Blessington and Burgage Bridge thus depriving many regular people of the fishing rights they had enjoyed over generations. Padraig decided to look up river towards Kilbride and Ballysmuttan and nurtured an idea to form a new club

He approached the local farmers in and around the Ballysmuttan area whom he thought owned the fishing rights on the upper Liffey, he paid them £10.00 between them to secure the fishing rights only to discover later that they didn’t own them at all.

Padraig did get the legal rights from the Downshire family who were about to sell to the Darley family, for a further fee of £10.00.

Thus Kilbride Angler’s Club was formed.

The old deprived anglers of Blessington were included in the membership and the local farmers were to have free fishing for their lives. This unselfishness has been fostered all down the years and long may it continue.

Difficult years were to follow. 1940 WW2 broke out in Europe which became an emergency in Ireland and made travelling difficult. 1941 saw the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the cattle herds when 30,000 farm animals were destroyed and all fishing was banned for the duration of the disease. In 1943 a group of local anglers in Blessington tried to acquire some of our fishing rights in the Kilbride area but were not successful.

Club records of 1946 show that a committee man caught 8 fish to a total of 18lbs /8.2kg a record to this day.

1952 our club acquired the fishing rights to the Kells Blackwater which we have enjoyed since and the spirit of unselfishness has extended to this beautiful stretch of water in keeping with the founding fathers of the club.

Many committee members and anglers have passed through the pages of our history book since the foundation and it is our fervent hope that this will live on for many years to come in the spirit of Padraig and our founding fathers.

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